Reagan’s service capabilities cover a wide variety of compression, driver, pump, and power generation equipment all with a 24 / 7 / 365 focus. From commissioning of new equipment, to refurbishment and overhauls of integral or separable drivers and compression units, our history of exceptional services dates back to 1946.

Reagan is equipped with qualified high speed, slow speed, I&E, crane & rotation mechanics to perform any major / minor overhaul’s, inspections or PM’s of any interval whether on land or offshore.

Our field services division operates multiple fully equipped tool trailers with milling capabilities to work on either high speed / slow speed compression and driver units, grout trailer for foundation erection or repairs, cooler washing units, and multiple mobile on site crane units.

Backed by an extensive inventory of parts and services branch network in the Southern USA region, our service teams will be there to assist in getting your equipment back up and running.

Whether it is maintenance contracts, scheduled downtime, scheduled services such as 7&7 or 14&14, emergency call out, offshore, land, refinery, gas transmission, and more – Reagan Power & Compression is your total equipment services provider for drivers, compressors, pumps, and power generators.

Services Include:

                • Overhauls (In Shop & On-Site)
                • Laser Alignments
                • Skid Foundation Repair/Maintenance
                • Commissioning
                • Testing
                • Inspections
                • Maintenance
                • Consulting
                • Engineering
                • Crane Services
                • Instrumentation & Electrical Services