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Derrick Stoltz
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Custom Gas Compressor Package Solutions

Reagan began packaging compressors in the early 60’s. It all started with our Mississippi Division delivering compression to the Black Warrior Basin of Western Alabama and Northern Mississippi.

Today, many years later, Reagan delivers hi-spec custom compressor package solutions. Your package will be built to your exact specifications and applicable industry standards such as ASME Section VIII pressure vessels, ANSI B31.3 process piping and AWS D1.1.

Whether your project requires electric drive, engine drive, reciprocating or rotary screw packages our experience and reputation for well-engineered products and outstanding performance speaks for itself.

Our Quality Assurance goes the extra mile throughout the manufacturing process to ensure maximum run-time is achieved in the field; averaging 99.9% to be exact. We build compressor packages for gas gathering, transmission, C02 injection, vapor recovery units, process, pipeline, gas lift, fuel gas, wellhead, storage applications and more.