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Mark Richard
Leasing Account Manager
C: 337.281.1974

Did You Know?

Our rental department has over 170 compressors ranging from 26 HP to 1480 HP and over 700 power units ranging from 10 HP to 240 HP. We offer complete service and maintenance on our rentals.

Industrial rental engines & natural gas compressors

Power Units

All of our locations are leaders in providing industrial rental engines to the oil and gas industry.  With a range of 50 HP to 200 HP, we help provide business continuity in any operating environment.  With our well proven equipment and 24/7 service responding quickly to a problem, we can help reduce costly downtime and improve process performance.


Contract Compression

We have been renting natural gas compressors to the industry since the early 70’s.  Our fleet consist of a variety of high speed reciprocating compressors, such as Dresser Rand.  Our drivers include Waukesha, Caterpillar and Arrow; all time tested drivers in the compression industry.  We work closely with our customers starting with a thorough analysis of specific job requirements and field conditions, to make sure high-standards are maintained.  Whatever your operating conditions, Reagan can get the job done and we assure your well’s productivity by providing round-the-clock expert service.