The packaging capabilities of Reagan are evident in our brand of power generation “Kilo-Pak”. This segment of our company strives by providing excellent product and service solutions to customers all across the globe. The reflection of this brand is found in our design, manufacture and packaging processes.

From the very first custom generator placed on a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico, to the most sophisticated industrial, commercial and marine custom packages built today, customers
worldwide have counted on the Reagan name to deliver on time and according to specification.
For decades, the Kilo-Pak line of generators has been among the most trusted names in the industry. Our custom engineering capabilities and unmatched durability in difficult
environments has made the Kilo-Pak name the standard of excellence around the globe.

The resources of Kilo-Pak by Reagan have come to create unmatched custom and standard packages. Because they are designed and built by the same engineers and technicians that have met both marine and industrial needs, you can depend on them for your power solutions. Kilo-Pak by Reagan – two trusted and recognized names of quality and longevity. Kilo-Pak by Reagan generators are tailored to your specifications and available in sizes up to 3500KW. All of our custom and standard generators meet a select standard for design and component selection that insures safety, dependability, long life cycle, and low maintenance and start-up cost. Whether it is design, fabrication or service after the sale, our generators reflect the pride of workmanship that is part of every Kilo-Pak by Reagan product.

Reagan is your total solution provider for power packaging needs. From maintenance contracts to project management, from engineering to custom controls, from fabrication to start-up, Reagan has been a total solution provider since 1946.