The American Warrior Compressor Package continues the Reagan Power & Compression tradition of quality and reliability. We maintain an experienced and devoted staff that is committed to serving all of our customers’ needs. American Warrior by Reagan has built a reputation as one of the leading gas compressor packages in the United States, specializing in top quality and highly custom packages per customer specifications. Using conservatively rated industry recognized components; our engineers design each unit for durability and ease of service. We will repackage your existing unit, saving your company time and money, build new to your specifications, or assist with specifying your rigorous needs.

The packaging capabilities of Reagan are evident in our brand of compression “American Warrior”. This segment of our company is growing by providing excellent product and service solutions to customers all across the world. The reflection of this brand is found in our design, manufacturing, and packaging process of gas compression equipment.

We are considered, and proud to be, the industry’s leading compressor packager of reciprocating compressors used in CO2 service with right at 275,000 compressor horsepower in operation today.

In addition to CO2 applications, Reagan has extensive experience in packaging natural gas reciprocating compressor packages and oil flooded rotary screw compressors used in natural gas gathering, injection, recycle, transmission, fuel boosting, processing and vapor recovery applications.

American Warrior compressor packages are designed to meet virtually any application and are available in sizes up to 10,000 HP. All of our compressor packages meet a select standard for design and component selection that insures safety, dependability, environmentally friendly, longevity, and low maintenance and start-up cost. Whether it be onshore or offshore, high spec or custom, our compressor packages reflect the pride of workmanship that is part of every American Warrior product.

From maintenance contracts to project management, engineering to custom controls, and fabrication to start-up, Reagan has been a total solution provider since 1946.