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Carbon Capture


Dirk Dailey
Business Development Manager
C: 337.280.3404

Dirk Dailey

Carbon Capture Specialists

As a natural gas compressor packager and leader in the field, our packages have included Carbon Capture solutions to capture CO2 and reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses for years. Reagan supports Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS), Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies. We are committed to meeting Industry and customer needs offering systems such as CO2 Injection Compression, Exhaust Gas Injection, and Vapor Recovery and Flare-out Systems. Our turnkey hi-spec packages are built to applicable industry standards and can be customized to meet current EPA regulations.

Reagan is focused on helping our customers implement technologies and best practices that cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce strategic and operational risk, ensuring maximum run-time while demonstrating their—and our—commitment to the environment.